Your employees and guests deserve the best, so we offer the finest quality coffee and tea products, equipment, coffee supplies, bottled water brands.

Another benefit? Your employees and guests can create their own coffeehouse-style coffee drinks, hot teas and other beverage indulgences without leaving the workplace, saving your business valuable time and money.

Introduction to coffee

Anyone who is new to coffee and is looking to get to grips with the basics of everything from farm to cup,should consider starting their coffee education with this intensive introduction.

Designed to introduce the novice to the world of specialty coffee, this fun and hands-on class, will teach you;

  • about the full range of coffee styles,

  • equipment maintenance and operation

  • espresso extraction

  • milk steaming

  • how to make excellent quality espressos and cappuccinos

  • latte art

  • work flow

  • speed

  • efficiency and organization

The class is very hands on, getting you familiar with the machinery and fast and neat with your presentation of espresso based drinks.

Latte Art

We love our latte art. Our baristas are very experimental and creative with their presentation. Some art on a drink can engage and delight your customers; a sign that the whole process has been performed with precision and pride. It is a great team building exercise learning this craft, and it is much easier than it looks.

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